[Angel the Dreamgirl / clips4sale.com] Angel aka Dreamgirl, Angel the Dreamgirl, KatiesClub, Angel-Desert (Hot Barista In Heels / 03-11-2019)

Starring: Angel aka Dreamgirl, Angel the Dreamgirl, KatiesClub, Angel-Desert
Title: Hot Barista In Heels
Studio / Distributor: Angel the Dreamgirl / clips4sale.com

Release Date: November 3rd, 2019
Genre: Barista Roleplay, Blowjob, Footjob, Missionary, Doggy, Cowgirl, Facial
Duration: 00:29:23

Custom clip request

It’s set in a café. The customer walks up to the counter, behind the counter the hot barista has her back to him, she’s busy working, cleaning maybe. Her hair is tied back and she’s wearing a cap (like the one in the link if possible, any color). She’s wearing a plain fitted long sleeve white t-shirt (link below for example), you can see the out line of her bra straps. You can also see the straps of her apron tied around her hips (apron can be any color). Something about her is turning him on.

At this point it would be great to get a side on shot. It could start from the top of her head where you get to see your pretty face (make up can be quite natural, like in clip 440 Perfect gift from beautiful woman)), the camera then moves slowly down, you’ll see her tight jeans (preferably black but if not then blue denim is fine) and black heels with tan pantyhose on underneath.

Camera comes back to customer point of view, she turns around and realises he’s waiting. She’s a very professional Barista and is only interested in making a coffee for him. She doesn’t really notice him. “Hi, sorry to keep you waiting.” He orders a americano. “Sure!” She says. “Would you like any milk with that?” “He says sure that’ll be fine. And she charges him “£ 1.64”, he pays. “Can I take your name?” He says his name is Manny. “Manny” you say to yourself slowly as you write it down. You put the pen behind your ear. “Ok, I’ll bring it over to you. Please take a seat ”. He sits at the table. From customer point of view sitting at the table, he watches her make a coffee, looks down and notices that her foot is popping in and out of her shoe, there can be a close up of this.

Then maybe the camera come back and show you making the coffee, the customer is staring at you. You catch him looking at you and he turns away very quickly. She doesn’t think anything about it and concentrates on making the coffee, he starts fantasizing about her.

Can you add a dream effect at this stage to show this? From customer’s point of view, this time he’s looking at her again playing with her shoe, she catches him again, only this time she’s smiling flirtatiously. Once she’s made the coffee she walks over to him and puts it on the table. “I’m sorry Manny, but we’ve run out of milk. Is that ok? ”You say with a teasing smile on your face. “Yes that’s fine.” He says. “Ok, enjoy your coffee!” You say, you then turn and start to walk away. And then you stop and turn around, you walk up close to him and you ask him “Would you like a blowjob with your coffee instead Manny?” With a smile on your face.

The camera nods saying yes. You then take off your hat and apron, kneel down, undo his trousers and start giving him a blowjob. At some point, I would like a camera shot from behind where you can see your gorgeous ass in tight jeans, the shoes with maybe the soles showing and you can see your head bop up and down. At some point camera comes back to customers point of view. You stop giving him a blowjob, and you ask “Would you like a footjob with you coffee as well?”.

The camera nods up and down saying again. You get up and put your foot in his crotch, playing with his cock for a little bit, then you sit on the edge of the table while he’s in his chair, and you give him a footjob. At some point you stop and take your jeans off, sit back on the table and start playing with yourself. And footjob him again. Once finished with the footjob, maybe he can lick your pussy for a little bit while you’re still on the table. Once this is done to satisfaction, you fuck in some different positions, any ones you like! . The final cumming scene, this might sound a little crazy, but can you jerk him in to the coffee cup? Once he’s finished, can you look in to the camera and say “Here is your milk for your coffee!”.

A dream effect comes across the screen again, and you’re standing there with a cup of coffee. The fantasy is over, you’ve been standing there for a while. “Manny, Manny?” You say. He says sorry for keeping you waiting. “No problem, here is your coffee. I’ve left the milk on the side. ”The milk will be in a separate container / glass. He thanks you, you walk off, he’s about to add the milk to the coffee and changes his mind. And drinks it black.

Quality: HDRip 1080p (No Original)
Format: MP4
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1920×1080 29.97fps 9952kbps [V: h264 constrained baseline L3.0, yuv420p, 1920×1080, 9952 kb / s]
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 128kbps [A: Sound Media Handler [eng] (aac lc, 48000 Hz, stereo, 128 kb / s)]

Angel_The_Dreamgirl_-_Hot_Barista_in_Heels—K2SXVIDEOS.COM—.mp4 – 2.1 GB

Angel_The_Dreamgirl_-_Hot_Barista_in_Heels—K2SXVIDEOS.COM—.mp4 2.1 GB

Angel_The_Dreamgirl_-_Hot_Barista_in_Heels—K2SXVIDEOS.COM—.mp4 2.1 GB

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