/ Mandy Flores (Mom and Son Share a Bed: Taboo: Mandy Flores MF / 1/15/17) /  Mandy Flores (Mom and Son Share a Bed: Taboo: Mandy Flores MF / 1/15/17)
Name of actress: Mandy Flores
Video title: Mom and Son Share a Bed: Taboo: Mandy Flores MF
Subsite and website: Mandy Flores /
Year of production: 2017.
Genre: blowjob, big natural tits, doggy style, fetish, incest roleplay, mother-son, cumshot
Duration: 00:16:36
Description: “Ok honey, lets get settled in.” Son asks where is his room .. “Well, they Just had one room so we’ll make it work. ” Son points out that there is only one bed. “This was the only room, so you’ll just sleep with me.” I dont want to hear it right now, Im wiped and just want to eat and sleep. Ok? ” Later after dinner mom climbs into bed rubbing lotion on her body talking to son about how excited she is to see his Aunt tomorrow. Son is not really listening, he’s watching his mom, distracted by her toned legs and bare feet. She gets under the covers .. “oh my goodness, your feet are ice cold baby! Here, put them against me and warm them up.” She rolls over and buts up against the son and says good night.
She is close to her. She reached back and touches. “Do you have a..a erection !?” Son tried to deny it, but admits to it. “Well, make it go away..I dont know, think different thoughts.” This is really inappropriate! ” And turns back over. She feels him nudge her again with her erect penis and goes and flips on the light. “Let me see, is there something wrong ?!” She yanks back the blankets to see that he has a fully erect penis. “Oh my god!” She does not know what to say. He tells her that it hurts. She climbs back into bed to investigate in a motherly way. “Why would it be hurting?” She rubs it and son moans a little. His warm penis in her hands feels good and she looses her senses for a few moments. Admiring this beautiful penis..She looks at him .. Son says that feels really good. “Ok, well..this is one way to make this problem go away.” She looks up to jerk him wondering to herself what the hell is she doing .. She looks down at it again and then at him. “I should stop. Do you want me to stop?” Her pussy begins to tingle and she is letting her desires for a man get the best of her .. “I shouldnt have had that wine at dinner..oh god” ..
She cant fight her desires, she put it into her mouth and begins to lose all self control. She rolls her dick in her wet pussy. He pumps her slowly and it feels so good. She climbs on and off. She cums and tries to quiet her moans with a pillow. Tells him that he cant finish her and lays down and jerks him off with her hand. He cums all over mommys face. She wipes it off. She’s at a loss of words .. “You know I love you baby..Time for bed now..Good night.” She rolls over and her son goes right to sleep like a baby. Mom wont be getting any sleep tonight … Mandy Flores

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