MissaX.com/clips4sale Jillian Janson & Riley Mae (The Competition III / 1/26/17)

MissaX.com/clips4sale Jillian Janson & Riley Mae (The Competition III / 1/26/17)
Production year: 2017
Genre: taboo, creampie, oral, sisters, fetish, blowjob
Duration: oo Contacts: 23: 45
Description: Jillian has invited her best girlfriend over for a relaxing girl’s night but Riley has other plans. She boastfully brags about her blow job and Jillian listens with an irritated ear. “I give the very best blow jobs, it’s sort of my super power,” Riley straightens her back proudly and continues, “in fact, I have never had a guy leave me. If a relationship ends, I end it. Jillian is particularly proud of her own blow job skills and wants to boost her own ego, “really?” she asks with a hint a sarcasm, “I give the best blow jobs also. In fact I have a very special technique. “” What is it? “” It all lies within a coordinating hand and mouth movement, “Jillian imitates her hand job motion in the air. Riley looks closely and determines hers has got to be superior . Jillian wants to know what her special technique is, but Riley will not tell! Jillian is outraged that she gave her secret but Riley will not confess her technique. Jillian sums it up to Riley’s pride, “you know darling, you always have to be the best at everything. You think you have the better car, the better job, the latest fashion in clothing, and now YOU have the best blow job? Gimme a break, babe. “Riley calls out,” Robby! Rooobbbby! “Robby comes down the stairs.
Jillian tells Riley, “hey, I told my brother to stay upstairs tonight.” Riley explains the dilemma to Robby, “she thinks she can blow a guy better than me. Watch what I do with this banana and tell me if this is the best technique you’ve ever seen.” Robby laughs, “I think you ladies have had too much to drink.” Jilllian comes up with a plan, “Robby, take her in your room and let her blow you. You come back and tell us the honest truth, if it’s the best blow job you’ve ever had.”
A part of Robby likes the idea, the southern region, but the northern part remembers that he works with Riley’s boyfriend, and he can not. Riley smiles, “yes you can, he’ll never find out.” Riley sits Robby down on the sofa, Jillian’s objections are ignored, “I want you to see my technique,” Riley tells her. Jillian watches and is not at all impressed, but a competitiveness starts to burn in her when she hears her brother moan in pleasure. “MY turn,” Jillian says. Robby is not so sure about his sister’s sweet mouth on his cock, but Jillian insists that he looks the other way, “just feel it.” He obeys and nearly cums a second time. Jillian’s competitive fire burns stronger when Riley thinks she’s won, after all he did cum for Riley and not Jillian. Jillian says, “check out my body, it’s better.” Riley starts to strip, “my breasts are bigger.” Jillian opens her legs, “I’ve got the prettiest little pussy, do not you agree? Riley opens her legs and huffs,” which pussy would you rather fuck, mine or hers? “Robby tries not to look at his sister’s pussy , and Jillian fears she may lose this competition. She MUST fuck her brother to prove she’s the best.
Watch the story unfold ..

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