[PureTaboo.com] Gianna Dior (Cum Inside)

The name of the actress: Gianna dior
Site and website: PureTaboo.com
Production Date: 2019
Genre: Gonzo, Hardcore, All Sex
Duration: 00:40:55
Description: SCENE OPENS on a teen, Meg (Gianna Dior), She is sensually humping a pillow between her legs, moaning as she thrusts into it. She is holding her hands on the phone. “Yes, I’m sending you back for hours …” She goes back to playing with herself.
Her phone sounds again. ‘Yes, I AM over 18 – eggplant emoji,’ she says, she adds for effect. She goes back to pleasuring herself. Seconds pass, and her phone sounds a third time. “Oooh, I can’t wait for you to cum inside me,” she says as she types. She sends the message to each other. ‘My address is …’. She hits send. Almost instantly, she gets a single one-line reply, which we see displayed on the phone. ‘see you soon.’ it reads.
With a smile Her ass is mesmerizing in her skimpy underwear. She licks a finger She slips her hair through the back of her thighs. She enjoys this rhythm for a night-time drawer. She lowers her underwear and lubes up her dildo. Eagerly, she sticks it in, and easing it with soft moans. She begins to fuck up on the bed for several minutes.
If she got lost. It is a message from another guy. She reads it silently and bites her lip and grins. ‘I’m busy for a while? … she says as she types. Playing with her hands and playing with her hands. ‘Sure, I can host. You will get the address … She begins to type another message – “I can’t wait for you to read the message.”
CUT TO another day, Meg is wearing some casual clothing and milling about her bedroom. She is dancing energetically as she tidies up her room. Her booty shakes enticingly as she moves. We watch from a good gaze POV for a good half-minute. Then, suddenly, we’ve been ajar. We’re back again to the voyeur’s perspective.
Meg finishes cleaning and then decides to unwind with a bath. It is still a matter of fact that the POV. It seems to get up and walk forward.
Where is the washroom, where is the water for the bathtub. Then it makes an impatient face. She waits for a few moments awkwardly. Sudenly she hears a faint creaking sound from the other room. If anyone is there. She peeks around the bathroom door (see Seth Gamble) looking back at her.
Hands on his head. He looks tough and intimidating. It is clear that it has been shining and it is clearly frightened.
He asks him The stranger replies’ you soft open. His calmness just makes meg even more nervous, and she shrinks back a bit. Why is he here? ‘I got your invite,’ the intruder answers. Meg looks him up and down, still frightened but also confused. She didn’t send him any invites. It should be noted that she should be more careful. The internet can be such a scary place.
Meg tries to muster up. “She says, trying to reason with him.” ‘That’s too bad,’ he replies sounding disappointed, ‘I am.’ Meg gulps and tries to ignore his reply. She tries to lie, and she hooks up another time. Why not do it now? It is now,
Meg insists a bit more strongly that now is NOT a good time. “Oh … ok …” the disappointed but not the press further. Meg waits. Her voice wavers “YOU can leave,” “The door’s right there.”
She stands still in place, terrified. She’s been waiting for. It makes it that she’s going to move on to the back door. He laughs almost playfully, he was just teasing her. If she wants to leave. What is she afraid of? Meg shrinks back further into a corner.
It seems like she wants to stay. ‘Please,’ Meg begs, but it is also scared to get more words out besides incoherent mumbling. The intruder takes it a step forward into the room, and asks please what? Please fuck her? That’s all. Meg shakes The intruder says: That’s what she wants, right? Meg clutches at the towel and her body and nods yes, still not able to form any words. She, right? She left him to go. But she didn’t want to get fucked.
After her moment of reflection she gives in. Yes, she says, defeatedly, she’ll let him go. This question says: “It is a matter of fact.”

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Video Format: MP4
Video: H.264 / AVC 1920×1080 16/9 23976 fps 5800 kbps
Audio: AAC Dolby Digital, 44.1Hz, 2ch, 192 kbps


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