Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling- [ENG/JAP-Ver.2.2.0, RUS-Ver.2.1.1, APK-RUS-Ver.1.9.2] (FreakilyCharming, Ray-Kbys) [ptcen]

Life With A Slave -Teaching Feeling- [ENG/JAP-Ver.2.2.0, RUS-Ver.2.1.1, APK-RUS-Ver.1.9.2] (FreakilyCharming, Ray-Kbys) [ptcen]
Release date: 2015/10/27
Date updated: 2018/03/07
Genre: SLG, ADV, DFC, Romance, Slave, Blowjob, Fingering, Lingerie, Stockings, Ahegao / Gapeface, X-Ray
Censorship: Yes / No (English can be removed)
Developer / Publisher: FreakilyCharming
Translation: Ray-Kbys
The plot tells us about a girl with an uneasy life and about you, the main character, that should take care of her and bear responsibility for her!
This game makes it clear what you can feel when you need someone (although it’s worth noting that this is just a game).
Also in the game there is another choice of events that shows and proves why it is impossible to deal badly with people.

Type of publication: Original (licensed)
Tabletka: Not required
Version: ENG-Ver.2.2.0 / JAP-Ver.2.2.0 / RUS-Ver.2.1.1 / APK-RUS-Ver.1.9.2
Language of game: pic Japanese / pic English / pic Русский
Language: Japanese / English / Russian
Language of voice: Japanese
Minimum System Requirements:
Platform: PC / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1 / Windows10 / MacOSX / Android / APK
:: HDD 3GB ::

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