[PureTaboo.com] Whitney Wright, Eliza Jane (The Last House on the Right / 01.05.2018)

The name of the actress: Whitney Wright, Eliza Jane
Name of the video: The Last House on the Right
Subsite and site: PureTaboo.com
Year of production: 2018
Genre: Hardcore, Threesome, Natural Tits, Teen, Facial, Pussy to mouth, Blowjob, Deepthroat, School Girl
Duration: 00:49:37
SCENE opens as two schoolgirls, Ashley and Nina, whip around a street corner and wipe the frame. They’re laughing, almost out of breath, as Ashley says, “I can not believe you almost got us caught in shoplifting!” The girls slow down to a walk and Nina pulls two bikinis from her backpack. She calls Ashley a pussy and teases her that she’d never really get them caught! Besides, now they have a new look for Summer. They little talk as they walk down the street: about school, gossip and the basketball team. Nina is 19 years old, a year older than Ashley. She is known around school as a difficult girl with a history of bad behavior. But Ashley is a follower. For a great deal of her life, Nina has been the first friend she has ever had, so she lets herself get pressured into situations in her comfort zone. They reach another corner. ‘What do you want to do now?’ Ashley asks, ‘I can not go home yet. They’ll know I skipped school. ‘ Nina suggests they go check out this condemned lot at the end of her street. It’s about to be demolished. Some mid-century mansion where they used to host celebrity orgies and stuff. Ashley looks at her friend sideways and Nina laughs, running ahead. ‘Just kidding,’ she yells over her shoulder. ‘Are you coming or what?’ Ashley hesitating for a second before running after her friend.
The camera waves through a junk-filled yard to find Ashley and Nina wandering through the mess. Nina tells her friend more about the history of the property (or, at least, according to her father) as Ashley looks around nervously. She is worried about them trespassing. They come upon the house itself, old and deselict. It has not been lived in for years and, apart from some garbage, sits completely empty. ‘Is not this so fucking cool?’ Nina says, pulling her friend inside and spinning around the living room. Ashley forces a smile. She finds the place creepy. Nina pulls out a cigarette and lights it, starting to boast about all the things she’d do if she could gut the place herself. She passes the cigarette to Ashley, who awkwardly takes it and puffs without inhaling. Nina reaches into her backpack and tosses her friend an unmarked water bottle. ‘What’s this?’ Ashley asks. ‘Just drink it,’ replies Nina. ‘It’s good.’ Ashley takes a sip and passes it back. CUT it an hour later. The water bottle is empty. Nina is taking selfies while Ashley sits with her arms around her legs against a wall. She is trying to not let her bare knees touch the dirty floor. Bored, Nina suggests they try their new bikini and pose for pictures together. She drags Ashley back up and starts undoing her blonde. The girls strip down and put the bikini bottoms. Still topless, Nina tries to sneak a photo of Ashley changing as a joke and the girl freaks out, running around the corner to avoid the photo. She throws over something and falls crashing to the floor. Nina comes running after her laughing but stops in her tracks as both her and Ashley look down at the homeless unconscious on the floor between them. ‘Do you think he’s alive?’Ashley whispers after a long pause, covering her bare chest. The young man, probably in his late twenties, is strewn across the floor in very dirty clothes. He is unshaven, greasy, and drooling. The nose beats her lip and leans over him gingerly, her tits still out. She shakes her head. ‘I can hear him breathing,’ she whispers back. ‘He’s probably just passed out.’ Ashley runs into the other room to grab her blouse, tossing it on and grabbing Nina’s on the way back. When she re-enters, she’s shocked to find Nina posing suggestively for a selfie on top of the homeless man. Ashley demands her to stop. ‘What ?!’ Nose retorts ‘This is fucking hilarious. Stop being such a bitch! ‘ Ashley watches anxiously as Nina goes back to her duck faces and suggestive poses. ‘I’m going to send these to my boyfriend and tell him I found a better man!’ She says, laughing … and Ashley can not help but crack a smile. Nina begs her to come and take some photos. ‘Please,’ she says. ‘Derek’s going to freak out! I have to do it … just a few more pics and then we can go, promise. ‘ The reluctant friend takes the phone and starts to photograph Nina as she poses around the man and ends up straddling him in a reverse cowgirl pose. As the girls take their final photo, giggling, the homeless man suddenly wakes up with a jolt and grabs Nina. She screams Ashley drops the phone. The homeless man, dazed and surprised, stammers inaudibly as he clutches Nina. She squirms her way out of under his grasp and crawls towards Ashley who takes her hand and pulls her into the other room. As they scramble to gather their things, he storms after them and pins them into a corner. ‘Who are you?’ He rants ‘And how did you get in here? How did you find this place? This is my place! Everyone knows this is my place! ‘ The school girls are looking at each other in shock before Nina slowly replies that they were just taking some photos. The man backs off and looks each one up and down. ‘What kind of photos?’ He asks, sounding paranoid. “It was just a joke,” Ashley mutters. ‘A joke?’ The man asks, sounding even more paranoid. ‘Yes,’ Nina jumps in, trying to steer the conversation. ‘A joke. I was sending my boyfriend photos of you as a joke. ‘ The man asks how old the girls are. They answer: 18 and 19 years old. He unzips his pants and takes out his erect penis, which causes the girls to step back even further. ‘Look at what your jokes did!’ He says angrily. Ashley looks at her friend in a panic but Nina motions for her to stay back. She approaches the man. “I’m sorry,” she says. ‘I did not mean to rub up you like that. I just wanted the photos to look convincing. ‘ There is an awkward silence before Ashley pipes in to warn the man that this is an indecent exposure. The man replies that it can be way worse if she wants to. There is a cold, intimidating silence before Nina draws a breath and laughs awkwardly to cut the tension. “You’re funny,” she says. ‘What’s your name?’ The homeless man, switching back to paranoid, tells her it’s none of her business. He does not give away his private information. And they are invading his privacy. ‘Well, none of your business, how about you just help us with these photos then … and we can be on our way?’ The man stares at her while Ashley protest in the background. What the hell is nina doing She always tags along with no matter what, but this has gone too far. Nina tells her to shut up and be cool. ‘What kind of photos?’ He asks Nina drops her knees and looks up at him. ‘Just something to make my boyfriend really jealous!’ She says, snapping back at Ashley and ordering her to take the photos. Ashley can not believe what her friend is doing. She pleads for them to just leave but the man laughs. “You’re not going anywhere,” he says. Nina tries to calm the situation. ‘He’s right, Ashley,’ she says sternly. “We are just going to take these photos with him and then we’re going to leave.” Ashley begrudgingly takes photos as Nina smiles beside the man’s penis. He begins to ask her questions about it: how she thinks it looks, how she made her feel when she was on top of him. He tells her it has been awhile since he was inside a woman. She feigns a smile and answers to his questions, urging her friend to keep taking the pictures. He will ask her if she will put it in her mouth. Nina, not knowing what else to do, say yes and it starts to suck on it. Ashley puts the phone down. ‘Nina, I’ve got the pictures … let’s go.’ She says But Nina is now engrossed in sucking the man’s dick, as he puts his hands in her head and face fucks her hard. Looking up at Ashley, he asks if she will suck his balls. He always likes it when girls suck their balls. Nose, mouth full of cock, urges her friend to get down her knees and help her out. They’ll go right after. She promises ‘That’s right,’ the man says, removing his dirty sweat-stained shirt. ‘You both make me cum and then you can do whatever you want in my place.’ Ashley puts her head in her hands as the man pulls Nina to her feet and pulls down her bikini bottoms. Nina pleads with her friend to stop being a pussy. They are supposed to be the best friends. He does not smell, and his cock is pretty big. It’ll be a funny story. The man pushes her up against the wall and enters her. As he fucks her feverishly, Ashley goes up beside her and demands to know why she is doing this. This is crazy. ‘Ashley,’ Nina yells as she’s being pounded. ‘I’m your only fucking friend, ok? You’re a loser without me and you know it. Now, if you had not been such a pussy and ran out the room, we would never have tripped over this guy. We’re in this mess together. Just pull off your pants and close your eyes. ‘ Ashley resigns to what her friend is saying, knowing that she’s right. They should get some of the situation somehow. ‘Fine,’ she said, leaning against the wall and pulling her bottoms down. ‘I’ll do it. But I’m not sucking your balls! ‘ The homeless man eagerly pulls out and penetrates Ashley. BGG Sex Scene. Throughout the sex, the homeless man feverishly fucks them both, switching between lust and paranoia, while the two girls take it. Nina acts eager and submissive, to get the man to cum faster, and Ashley fucks him to spit what her friend is making her do. In the end, he drops them both to their knees and spreads his cum across their faces. Falling back against the wall, the man starts to put his shirt back as the two girls grab their things. Ashley looks pissed. Nina thinks it’s hilarious. They exit the house together and walk quietly through the junk yard in the moonlight. ‘My parents are going to wonder where I am,’ Ashley says coldly. ‘So, I’m going to go now.’ Not waiting for a response, she storms off into the night leaving Nina standing there. The tough girl yells that she’ll see her in class on Monday before starting to walk herself. As she walks alone, she starts to cry, knowing she just lost her best friend.

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