Volcano Fortress

Volcano Fortress

Release Year: 2015

I will version up in the scenario of additions and bug fixes. There is a possibility because it is recommended the purchase of a member registration. castle notorious lord, Zaragosu was created in volcano. There is said to treasure you’ve hoarding sleep, but a number of adventurers have boarded the fort have raised the overthrow. Trap of death, it did not return most love to own head of the soldiers under the hefty. New challenger girl Marisa was standing in front of the fort now! Marisa Although I have a technique of exceptional thief’s powerless girl. Kimi case capture the fort by making full use of thieves technology become Marisa! Download and enjoy!

PC/ WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10

File size: 311.2 MB

Volcano Fortress.rar

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